Living in the Bay Area affords us an incredible bargain: affordable housing and a more relaxed pace of life with the flexibility to go anywhere in the region whenever we want. With more people moving to the area, we must building a truly integrated transportation system so that congestion does not cut us off from prosperity.


It’s either make way for new toll roads (and tolls that never end) or be stuck with congestion and accidents all over the Gulf Freeway.


When I worked at Uber, we studied the problem of transportation and how to use new, innovative technologies to deal with congestion and get people where they needed to be – reliably and cheaply. We need to do the same here in Texas.

It’s no longer enough to build more toll roads – whenever new lanes are built, more people just rush into fill them leaving us right back where we were. Not to mention, the additional concrete reduces the green space available for us to detain flood waters.

It’s time we moved towards an “all-of-the-above” strategy when it comes to transportation, ensuring that citizens across our Houston Bay Area have all the options they need to get our region and all over Harris County.

  • That means it’s time to invest part of our the Harris County Toll Road Authority’s toll dollars towards improving public transportation in our Bay Area community, including working with Houston Metro to expand local bus service from east in Seabrook to west out in Friendswood.
  • It’s time to re-evaluate the use of the Highway 3 rail line as a potential for commuter rail from the Bay Area to downtown Houston. That can help relieve congestion on I-45, especially when they close the 610 loop. It would also connect with the Houston METRO light rail.
  • It’s time to be supportive of private efforts to establish high speed rail between our major urban centers, like the project at Texas Central on a line from Houston to Dallas.
  • And it’s time we work with innovative transportation providers, like Uber and Lyft, to release their carpooling product in our area.

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