Living on the Gulf Coast, we know Hurricane Harvey was not our first big storm, nor will it be the last. We must invest in 21st century infrastructure to protect ourselves. Storms don’t pick red homes or blue homes– they hit everyone. So let’s start getting ahead of this.


It’s either raising property taxes to conventionally deal with flooding or evacuating the Bay Area every other year.


It’s long past time that Texas invest in real flooding infrastructure. Three out of every ten dollars produced in the State of Texas come from the Houston Metropolitan Area – that’s energy, shipping products, and of course services provided by our top notch graduates. Our flooding concerns are real and they deserve Austin’s attention.

Flood waters don’t stop at the county line and neither should our efforts. It should not be up to Harris County property owners alone to pay for these investments. Austin needs to send some of those tax dollars we pay every year back to support our community, both to work on new conveyance projects like Clear Creek and the final Coastal Spine.

As your Representative, I will fight for those tax dollars to come back to our community and protect our community for generations to come.


It’s either concreting all our natural landscape to move the water out or leaving everything as it is and waiting for the floods.


Too often we get passive leadership that lets the status quo continue without planning for the future. For our community, that means development without thinking about what all this new concrete can mean for the eventual flooding.

It’s time for leadership that imagines forward looking, creative solutions for our changing environment. A good place to start is Exploration Green, our community’s effort at turning an old golf course into a detention pond and recreation area. A bad idea would be to allow corporations, like Magellan, to build storage tanks on areas in the flood plain, like across from Ellington Field, that exacerbate our flooding issues.

Let’s think outside the box on how we can improve our quality of life and reduce the risk of flooding.

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