Electoral Reform

In order to make progress and answer the truly important questions of our day, we must have confidence in our government. Politics doesn’t work today because we, the people, cannot hold our elected officials accountable – for most elections, our community only has one realistic option. We don’t have to choose between an extreme Red or a pure Blue. It’s time we made our elections more competitive, so we can hold the politicians accountable and get the government we truly deserve.


(You know how this one goes) It’s either #TeamRed or #TeamBlue – if you go with any other option, you are wasting your vote.


Most people ask me why I decided to run for office. They’re often surprised when I tell them the lack of options in our political process is what convinced me to quit my job during my first year of marriage. We all suffer from an ineffective and inefficient government when we cannot hold our politicians accountable – in other words, they should know that they can lose. Unfortunately, incumbents don’t lose that often anymore.

Our political system has been co-opted by the two major parties, often times intentionally and often times unintentionally. It is incredibly important for us to make some big changes to open up our political system to more challengers and more parties.

  • It’s time to reduce the bureaucratic and anti-competitive red tape that stop third party candidates and independents from getting on the ballot. If you choose to not be part of the two big games in town, it shouldn’t be harder for people to even know that you’re a real option. And that includes making sure these candidates have access to a real, usable voter file so they can come knock on your door and ask you personally for your vote.
  • It’s time to upgrade our voting methodology. Our most-vote-getter system means that voting for the smaller parties is a “wasted vote”. We need to move to ranked-choice voting: if there are more than two candidates on the ballot, you rank your choices and if your first choice doesn’t make the runoff, your vote goes to your second.
  • It’s time to make districts smaller so your voice is actually heard. Back in 1960, our Houston Bay Area Representative represented 80,000 people; today he represents 180,000. If you feel like your voice is not being heard, it’s because it’s mathematically true.  Smaller districts would also help make it cheaper for challengers to run.
  • It’s time to reform our redistricting process. Every 10 years, politicians choose their voters when they draw the lines to suit themselves. We need to move to an independent commission, or a computer model to draw these districts to maximize competitiveness.

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